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I am a femme fat mommabear and I live in Milwaukee, WI.
I cook, like, all the damn time, and i'm rully good at it.
I produce local Comedy and I work 9-5 in the office of an Improv Comedy Club.
Our office is a fart safe environment.
I will post a lot of fat and vintage fashion, lots of food pictures, Doctor Who, Duckie Dale, Parks & Rec, and other various fan-nerd stuff I find myself into, people who give me ladyboners, Dinosaurs, Nail art and queer stuff.

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Trixie Mattel
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I ran out of magnets but I have SO MANY glass beads made.

Good morning. Bleeding from the face. Allergies are AWESOME.

BusinessCat has called you here for a meeting.

The cutest present ever.

The cat has crawled into a garbage bag.

When it comes to birthdays, my mom does NOT screw around. ♥♥

This black hair dye is Turing purple. I mean… I’m not mad, I was just trying to be a little “normal” for a change.

I think it’s safe to call my magnet making a compulsion.

Oh boy. Too real.

My present to Steve for his birthday #Zelda #legendofzelda #nintendo

What’s that? Made a cake today? No big deal. Also had time to make veggie kebabs, asian slaw and chunky guacamole for hanging out and grilling with dad and Cynthia for Steve’s birthday tonight. #kitchenswag

Iron man cake complete! #ironman #marvel #rdj #robertdowneyjr #cake #baking

Sculpting super heroes outta cake.