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I am a femme fat mommabear and I live in Milwaukee, WI.
I cook, like, all the damn time, and i'm rully good at it.
I produce local Comedy and I work 9-5 in the office of an Improv Comedy Club.
Our office is a fart safe environment.
I will post a lot of fat and vintage fashion, lots of food pictures, Doctor Who, Duckie Dale, Parks & Rec, and other various fan-nerd stuff I find myself into, people who give me ladyboners, Dinosaurs, Nail art and queer stuff.

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Ohh! Neat!

Last cat last thing of the night, I swear. I can’t believe how loving he is being right now. He also is capable of finding the LEAST convenient place to lay on me.

This iced tea is incredible. #tazo #icedtea

He has been sitting behind me all night. Clingy baby. #catlady

Shrimp pasta with allllll the veggies. My body is craving veggies so bad.

Home with my BB.

Four more hours until I’m in my bed with my kitty. This lady is tirrrrred.


I’m gonna miss these bridges.

Goodbye New York. Goodbye pigeons that dgaf. Goodbye and thank you.

Final NYC food.. Bagel with lox schmear.

In this moment I am so very happy.

A nice quiet drink with a friendly Midwestern transplant bartender.

Fizzy island. I wanted some fancy cocktails before I see the next show.

@jacobdbach eating a $40 steak with his hands on the street. #nyc #fiststeak #timtour #timnyc

Warm ups.